School Social Work Services

What is a School Social Worker?

Our Purpose:

  • Build connections between home, school, and the local community to provide both direct & indirect services to students, families, and school staff

  • Support the social-emotional & mental health needs of students, families, and staff in Loudon County Schools

Our Qualifications:

  • Education: Master's degree in Social Work (MSSW, LMSW)

  • TN Licensure: School Service Practitioner

  • Endorsement: School Social Worker K-12

What do School Social Workers do?

Who do School Social Workers serve?

We are available to provide free services for any K-12 student in Loudon County Schools.

Your student may be referred to us by a school teacher, school counselor, or school administrator.

PLEASE NOTE: Loudon County Schools' Social Workers will collaborate with school counseling departments to ensure students and families receive an appropriate level of support. School social work services are not intended to replace outside counseling or therapy services. Weekly sessions cannot be guaranteed. Frequency, duration, and type of counseling (either individual or group) sessions will depend on need, caseloads, and schedules.

How can I reach my School Social Worker?

You can find your School Social Worker's contact information by visiting our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!